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Family Law and New Jersey Family Courts

Family law encompasses a wide variety of topics and issues and Family Courts in New Jersey regularly address issues involving divorcing couples including but not limited to; child custody, child support, child visitation, equitable distribution and domestic violence.

The Family Courts in New Jersey are broken into some of the following categories:

Dissolution (FM)

In the Dissolution docket, the family court will address all issues pertaining to a divorcing or already divorced couple. Those issues which might be addressed include, but are not limited to, divorce, alimony (spousal support),   equitable distribution of property (including residences, physical property, stocks, bonds, retirement accounts), child custody and establishing child support obligations. On post-judgment actions, already divorced couples can seek enforcement, modification or termination of obligations outlined in either their settlement agreement or trial decision.

Non-Dissolution (FD)

For those parties who have never been married, but have children together, their issues will be resolved under the Non-Dissolution docket. Here the Family Court can also address issues related to paternity, child custody and child support. Parties here are provided complimentary mediation services by probation officers.

Domestic Violence (FV)

Under the Domestic Violence docket, the Family Court addresses issues raised by persons protected by the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act. Anyone who has filed a temporary restraining order either at the courthouse or at a police station, seeking protections for themselves and/or their loved ones will be given the opportunity to prove to the court that the temporary restraints contained in their temporary restraining order should be made permanent.

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