FAQ: Will a new job change my alimony?

Ken White discusses the implications a new job and salary change can have on alimony and child support.
will a job change my alimony

The Question About Alimony and a Job Change

I am divorced and my child recently started school.  I am thinking about getting a new job. Will a job change my alimony?

The Answer:
Every situation is different and it is important to have a professional consultation with a family law attorney review your specific situation. The question was about alimony but the mention of a school-aged child means that child support must also be taken into consideration.

Our own divorce attorney, Ken White, points out that child and spousal support awards are based on your past employment history and potential earnings. Changes in alimony can result from changes to either your ex-spouses income or your income. Chances are that a part-time job will not impact your alimony.

The relevant law reads that anytime there is a “substantial, permanent change of circumstances,” that a party is entitled to have his/her support obligation(s) (alimony/child support) reviewed and perhaps modified, said Ken White, an attorney with Shane and White in Edison.

A substantial change in income or a permanent change of circumstance could have an impact on your spousal support and child support. It is impossible to answer this question without more information, and the advise of a family law attorney is recommended to determine the “substantial change”. If you live in New Jersey, contact Ken White.

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