How to Protect Assets Before Marriage

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Ken White, a certified matrimonial attorney in the law firm of Shane & White, was recently interviewed by NJ Money Help to provide legal insights into how to protect assets before marriage.

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Q. I’m getting married and we’ve both had other marriages. I think we should keep our accounts separate but I think she wants to merge what we have. How can I make sure to protect what I have — I have more than she does — just in case? And how can we have this talk without it being a fight?
— Groom

Consult a Certified Matrimonial Attorney to discuss protecting pre-marital assets

Ken White suggests a serious evaluation of your current assets, a look at your financial plans in the marriage such as retirement plans and the purchasing of a home, and to consider speaking with a certified matrimonial attorney about a prenuptial.

An experienced, certified matrimonial attorney needs to review the details of your specific situation. Once you’ve had this consultation with your lawyer, they can then explain how Matrimonial law could effect your pre-marital assets. At that point you can discuss how you can protect your assets.

After you have all the facts you will have a better idea of how you can broach this sensitive topic with your fiancé.

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