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At Shane & White, LLC, we counsel business owners, landlords and developers throughout New Jersey in matters of commercial real estate law. These matters can be very complex and have a significant impact on businesses. We are known for our thorough and complete approach to the law, and we work hard to eliminate unexpected problems and help matters proceed smoothly.

We Handle All Variety of Commercial Real Estate Issues

Located in Edison, New Jersey, we help clients with a wide range of commercial real estate matters, including:

Purchase or sale of commercial property

Like-kind exchanges

Commercial leases

Zoning and planning matters

Issues affecting homeowner’s associations, commercial condominiums and townhomes

Construction contracts

Environmental and land use issues, including environmental remediation


Many of these issues can be prevented by an in-depth review of the situation and the documents involved. A lawyer can review contracts and communications, spot potential problems and propose solutions. Taking this step at the beginning of a transaction—rather than after a dispute arises—can be the best way to protect your finances and ensure the success of a commercial real estate transaction.

Put Our 40-Plus Years’ Experience to Work for You

Attorney Mark S. Shane handles much of our commercial real estate practice. For more than 40 years, he has effectively resolved commercial real estate matters for New Jersey clients. Over the years, he has developed a reputation and a knowledgeable and professional attorney.

Mark S. Shane knows the local court and municipal procedures and the laws and ordinances that can affect commercial real estate owners. He can answer your questions and provide guidance through transactional matters and real estate disputes. To talk with Mark S. Shane or another lawyer at our law office, call 732-819-9100 or contact us online.