Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law, a piece of the puzzle when buying or selling commercial or residential real estate in NJ.

The law offices of Shane and White, LLC have handled both residential and commercial real estate transactions. Since the transfer of property in New Jersey is extremely complicated, there are many issues that may arise. Some of these issues may include: contracts, title, deed or zoning restrictions, taxes and legal ownership of the property, environmental problems, and structural flaws involving the roof, plumbing, heating, or electrical systems.

An attorney can guide you through the many aspects of purchasing or selling real estate by: preparing or reviewing the contract and making those changes which would protect your interests; helping you get answers regarding inspections to the systems in the property; assisting you with your mortgage commitment; obtaining and reviewing the searches and survey of your property; preparing all of the closing documents; recording and reviewing the deed and mortgage; canceling existing mortgages and liens against the property; and obtaining the title insurance policy and providing them to both your bank and you.

When an attorney represents you as seller of property, the attorney must: prepare the deed; survey the affidavit of title; calculate the realty transfer tax which a seller pays to the State of New Jersey when selling real estate; calculate the real estate commission; and cooperate with the buyer’s attorney in preparing final closing documents.

Attorneys will charge you an attorney’s fee and will also obtain the reimbursement for the costs which may include but are not limited to title searches, surveys, recording costs, express mail and title insurance.


Experienced, responsive and extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of New Jersey Real Estate Law

Posted by Amy Sorchini Posted this 5 star review on AVVO

Mark Shane is an experienced, responsive and extremely knowledgeable real estate attorney. Any issue that my family and I faced, Mark was able to mitigate our risk and we always ended up with the best possible outcome. Both Mark and Bree took the time to walk my husband and I through every real estate transaction process step-by-step, making us comfortable and prepared for everything that was happening. I was kept up-to-date on all matters and situations and never had to ask what was going on, they were always a step ahead with a notification email or phone call. Even though the various other parties we were working with were not timely or responsive Shane and White made sure we got all of our documents and information as soon as we needed it, even if it took multiple phone calls and emails to get it done.

I have had the pleasure to use Shane and White, LLC with all my real estate transactions in the past 10 years and have also recommended them to numerous family members and friends. I would highly recommend, Mark Shane at Shane and White for any type of legal issue. He has helped us personally with multiple real estate transactions, and he has also helped our family and friends in various areas such as divorce and family law, personal injury/accidents and various traffic violations.

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