Personal Injury/Accidents

A personal injury is any damage to your physical, mental, emotional, or economic state which was caused by the fault of another individual or entity. If you have suffered such an injury, it is critical that you record specific instances of pain, discomfort, required assistance, and remedies. Try to keep a daily log of how you are feeling, and take photographs of any physical injuries, such as bruises, wounds, scars, burns, etc. This will be of great benefit to you if the credibility and severity of your injuries ever comes into question. Most importantly, contact our attorneys at Shane and White, LLC.

Victims of intentional or unintentional torts are often unaware that another individual or entity could be held legally liable for their injuries. For example, slipping on ice is often the result of negligent conduct by landowners or maintenance persons responsible for snow and ice removal. One of the most difficult aspects of Personal Injury Law is when multiple parties are being sued simultaneously, naturally, they attempt to place the blame on each other. Mark Shane has practiced Personal Injury Law for nearly 30 years, and he has dealt with this situation time and time again. Whether there are partners trying to hold each other liable, or a suspected parent-subsidiary relationship, Mr. Shane will clarify who is legally culpable and help you receive the remedies you deserve. Ken White is also one of the elite arbitrators in Middlesex County. He is well-respected by both his clients and adversaries, and is deeply sympathetic to one’s physical limitations. Mr. White will visit you at home or the hospital, if necessary, in order to accommodate your needs.

We have included several links that we hope will answer any preliminary questions you might have. You should print out "What Should I do in an Automobile Accident?" and place it in your glove compartment. This is a good procedural form to give to friends and family members as well, especially young drivers, who often get frightened in such situations.

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