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It’s true of everything: As time passes, things change. The decisions that worked for your family years ago may no longer work as children age or as family circumstances shift. You might find yourself struggling to make ends meet because a child support payment is too low or too high. You might find that you and your ex no longer can follow an existing parenting plan because of your child’s sport commitments. You might consider moving for work—or worry how an ex’s move might affect parent-child dynamics.

Fixing Judgmentsthat No Longer Work for New Jersey Families

At Shane & White, LLC, we often hear from people who seek our help because existing court orders are no longer working for them. Depending on the situation, we help to enforce or modify these orders so that they are a better fit for our clients’ families.

Our Edison, New Jersey, law office combines the work of three knowledgeable attorneys who are well respected in New Jersey family courts and active in the legal community. These include Mark S. Shane, a lawyer with more than 40 years of experience, as well as Kenneth A. White, an attorney who is certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Matrimonial Law Attorney, and Lauren A. Miceli, who has in-depth knowledge of the New Jersey family court system.

Together, we assist clients when existing court orders must be replaced or enforced, including:

Spousal support/alimony:

New Jersey law changed in 2014, limiting the duration of alimony orders. Still, orders may need to be adjusted over time based on retirement, cohabitation or other similar change in circumstance. If so, we can help.

Child support:

When life circumstances change your financial situation, your child support order probably should be changed too. We assist parents in changing child support orders when their jobs change, their ex spouses’ jobs change, or when their children’s needs change.

Child custody and visitation/parenting time:

As children age and as parents remarry or relocate, parenting plans that worked may stop being convenient or desired. It is important that your parenting plan reflect the schedule that you and your spouse actually share. If not, modification of custody or parenting time may be a good idea.

Parental relocation:

When a parent wants to relocate from New Jersey, absent a consent agreement modifying custody, an application must be made to request permission from the Court to do so. We can petition the court to have the order changed or to oppose an unwanted change in an order that currently works. A parent relocating to New Jersey may also wish to register their out-of-state order in New Jersey to enforce previously negotiated agreements.

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When a Court Order Needs to Change, Call Us for Help

When a court order no longer works for your family, it is critical to get help sooner rather than later. Delaying seeking legal advice can unnecessarily pressure parties and cause financial strain. Talk with a lawyer as soon as you believe a modification to an existing order may be necessary.

Calls us as soon as possible at 732-819-9100 or contact us online. We can arrange an in-person consultation at a time that’s convenient for you. Our main office is in Edison, New Jersey. We also have a satellite office in East Windsor, with consultations at that office available by appointment.