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There are many questions you should ask when you meet with a New Jersey family law attorney. Ask about the skill level of the attorney, the plans he or she has for your case, and the attorney’s fees. But don’t stop there.

7 Questionsto Ask When Hiring a Family Law Attorney

Because the stakes are high in any divorce case, as your children and often a great deal of money are at issue, you need to ensure that the attorney you hire is capable and confident in representing your interests. Here is a list of suggested questions that a competent family law attorney will be able to answer, and how the attorneys at Shane & White, LLC, match up.

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You’ve Asked the Questions. Now What?

Before retaining a law firm, take a moment to think about the lawyer’s answers to your questions. How comfortable did you feel at the end of the conversation with the attorney? Did you receive direct and responsive answers to these questions? Do you feel at ease with the attorney?

Remember that the initial consultation is as much about you discovering whether the lawyer is a good fit for you as it is the attorney agreeing to take your case. Do not retain a law firm based on a big name alone. It is also important for you to feel comfortable working with the attorney to resolve personal and challenging family law matters.

Read the Retainer Agreement

Depending on the answers you received from the potential attorney, you should continue with requesting information regarding the fee structure used by the firm. All of the below questions should be addressed in the attorney’s Retainer Agreement.

How do you structure your fees?

What is your hourly rate?

Are there different rates for different attorneys in the office?

Will other attorneys or paralegals be working on my case?

Will you bill me for additional charges such as photocopies, faxes, mileage for travel? And at what rates?

Will I receive a copy of everything you do, whether you send it to the Court or to the other party?

Do I, as the client, have any obligations under your retainer agreement?

Take your time reading the Retainer Agreement, and read it carefully. It is a contract between you and your attorney. Upon signing the agreement, you will be obligated to pay for the services provided to you. Every attorney should provide you with sufficient time to review the Agreement in the law office or to take the agreement home to review it with friends or relatives prior to signing.

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