FAQ: How long for an amicable divorce?

Frequently Asked QuestionsDivorce QUESTION:

My wife has filed for divorce. When I hire my attorney what paper work should I present him or can he just contact my wife’s attorney?

She has most likely already provided the paper work. I would also like to know how long does it usually take for an amicable divorce to go through?

Divorce Attorney Kenneth White’s ANSWER:

A divorce can be finalize in a swift manner as soon as a settlement in confirmed. 99% of all divorces are resolved by settlement, the only question is whether it happens immediately or with the passage of months. Once a settlement is confirmed (provided a Complaint and responsive pleading has been filed) the court can be notified by one party’s attorney that there is a settlement, and the court will generally get you in as quick as possible to finalize the divorce, as the Judges are happy to get your case off their docket.

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Kenneth A. White, Esq.