Are divorced parents obligated to contribute to college expenses?

NJ Money HelpKen White interviewed on family law article on NJ Money Help

NJ Money Help offers advice to those submitting questions. A recent ASK NJ MONEY question was submitted to find out if divorced parents were obligated to contribute to college expenses for their children. The team at contacted attorney, Ken White, for more information about the obligations of divorced parents to support their children’s advanced education in New Jersey.

The Question: After an ugly divorce, I think my ex-wife will refuse to pay part of our kids’ college costs. Our oldest child starts in September, and I can’t afford to pay the whole thing. And I can’t afford another attorney. What are my options?

The Answer: Act quickly! It is possible that your child might lose the opportunity to attend college.

Consider consulting with an attorney, this filing process is a much shorter time-frame and it is possible to complete it between now and Sept.

File your application with the court to compel your ex-wife to contribute to college expenses immediately. The court might interpret delayed the action to seek financial contribution towards college as waiving your rights. It is even worse if you apply for financial contribution AFTER the expenses were incurred.

Having the support of an attorney is highly recommended especially since you have a short time frame to work within. At a minimum, have a consultation with an attorney.

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