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Don’t feel any remorse, choose Kenneth White for your DIVORCE!!

Ken White is one of the best lawyers in New Jersey. During a difficult time in my divorce proceedings, I changed lawyers and started dealing with Ken. I through him right into the “FIRE” and put him in the middle of a messy situation and he handled it like a PRO. He is a family man and he understands both personal and business aspects of a divorce. He knows how to handle the politics and pressure of a divorce dealing very well with other attorney’s and judges to get his clients the best possible settlement in the shortest amount of time. Other lawyers are going to milk you and worry about getting a good payday. If you want to keep your sanity through your divorce while being well represented and not paying through the nose, Ken White is your guy!!!

Changing Lawyers was the Best Decision

After reading many reviews here and having doubts about the law firm that was representing me at the time, I set up a consultation with Mr. White. I was in the middle of an ugly divorce with custody issues and relocation and I decided to change lawyers and proceed with Mr. White. I couldn’t have made a better decision.
Even though I was in the tail end of the case, Mr. White pointed out things that should have been done and weren’t. I think everything was handled professionally, timely and more thorough than the prior year or so that I was represented by someone else. I found him to be a straight shooter, someone looking out for my best interests in the case and someone who tells you the truth even if it is something you don’t want to hear. He is dedicated, trustworthy, was always timely in getting back to me and thoroughly explained everything that I needed. Even in very emotional times, he was able to communicate with me and let me know what was realistic on how to handle things. His office is professional and courteous and I felt like they knew who I was when I called even when speaking to the secretary. That is a big difference from a large law firm when the first thing you are asked is “Are you a client??” A miracle happened a few days before we were set to trial and I was able to settle. Again, while everything may not shake out how you want it to, I feel that Mr. White did a thorough job managing my expectations and the give and take needed. I know that if I had retained Mr. White from the beginning that this case would have been handled different and may have been over a lot more quickly but I am so happy that I switched when I did. I did win custody and I am able to move.
My advice to anyone reading this is: you may think that given your circumstances that you would be better off with a large family law firm but I have found out that it is important to choose someone with a lot of experience, someone who has built relationships within the county that your case is being handled and someone that is not just worried about how much they are billing you at the end of the month. ~ AVVO review

I Highly recommend Ken White for Divorce case based upon my experience

  • Professionalism: Outstanding.
  • Multitasking: He is always available no matter what other things he might be working on.
  • Memory: Outstanding. Also smart in terms of using soft tools.
  • Team effort: Always a team player, enterprising and has case documents reachable to him whenever you request for discussion.
  • Control of situation: Excellent, always provides a mutual decision.
  • Aggressive: Yes if the situation demands to be.
  • Compassionate & Comforting: Yes.
  • Planning: Outstanding. Knows what he is doing and also educates you.
  • Good Listener: Definitely.
  • Comprehension skills: Very quick in understanding the material at hand.
  • Honesty & Trust for each other: 100%.

He emphasizes also on Best Aggregate Outcome and not unnecessarily wasting resources, time and effort. I highly recommend this lawyer for any national, so that one could immediately gain control of the situation and resolve it with his help & expertise in family law. ~ Posted by a client of Ken’s on AVVO.

The Best Municipal Court Lawyer!

Mark Shane handled my Speeding & Traffic Ticket matter. Mark was extremely professional and overall a genuine, great guy. He made sure I understood everything about my ticket. He turned what would have been points on my drivers license to zero points. I was so thankful and relieved I wanted to hug him for erasing all my points! I would definitely hire him again if I found myself in trouble again.

Professional, Honest, and Knowledgeable Attorneys

I am very happy with Kenneth White’s representation. I had made the mistake of hiring other lawyer before Kenneth, wasting time and money. Kenneth, with his professionalism, made the complete process easier. He communicates clearly, is always quick to reply to questions and follows up on the case issues diligently. He is approachable, explained the case in terms that anyone could understand. I was impressed how calm he keeps when the negotiation got tough and how well prepared him was to defend me. It really made me feel that I was in good hands. I highly recommend Kenneth White and Mark Shane, who also helped in my case. Both are very professional, honest and knowledgeable.

All around Excellent!

Ken White came highly recommend to me and I was not disappointed he was professional, thorough, and very timely. Ken worked in a very fast and efficient manner. Kept me informed through the entire process of my case and was VERY easily reached and accessible. Unless he was with another client or in court Ken responded backed to me in a very timely manner, less than 24 hours and in most cases much sooner than that. I highly recommend his services, he pushes hard for his clients to reach the best settlement legally possible for his clients! You will NOT be disappointed. One think I did forget to mention his legal fees are very fair and reasonable as well, Ken does try to keep in mind to work efficiently on you case while keeping in mind of the cost to his client and fiscally responsible with his clients money.

Highly recommended!

Mr. White did an excellent job in all aspects of my case. Unfortunately, I had dealt with a lawyer previously who left my case in limbo. Mr. White picked up the pieces and through diligent work and good communication with me, I ended up with a favorable settlement and joint custody of my children. Mr. White’s prices were fair. I will also say that the people who worked in his office were easy to work with. Thank you for your hard work on my behalf, Mr. White!! I am very grateful for finding you.

Mark handled my Real Estate matter.

Mark Shane came highly recommended by a friend of mine when I need an attorney for a townhouse sale in NJ. As I live out of state I was seeking an attorney whom I could count upon during the contract period. I was initially planning to travel across the continent for the closing but as the transactions proceeded, I realized I was in knowledgeable, trusted hands; that it was not necessary to do so. I therefore provided the power of attorney for him to execute on my behalf. His paralegal, Bree, was responsive and kept close communication with me for any docs that were needed and the transactions occurred smoothly. I would highly recommend Mark and his staff.

Shane & White: Common Sense for Your Family & Business

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