FAQ: Can my ex husband force my daughter to quit her job?


We have shared joint physical and legal of our daughter, she is 16. We alternate weeks. Recently my ex-husband moved 3 counties away 65 miles with his new wife.

My daughter has a part-time job for over a year now, but with his move 65 miles away she will not be able to work during his parenting time and thus will lose her job. He has told her she needs to quit and move to his new place for visitation starting next week.

Does she have any rights as before I can get into court which I am filing for now, he will have already moved. Does she have to quit if he is being unreasonable to let her stay with me on her work days?

Family Law Attorney Kenneth White’s ANSWER:

You can take comfort knowing that no one is going to force your child into a car to visit with her father over her objection (in the short run). Accordingly, you have sufficient time to file the appropriate application with the court to modify your Parenting Time Plan.

Kenneth A. White, Esq.